House Of Video Poker
Enjoy A Free Game On The House
Enjoy A Free Game On The House
The House of Video Poker - where knowledge and skill can bring big rewards for the video poker player with the right bankroll, and a good strategy along with a burning desire are sure to be a long-term winner.


With all of the online casinos available today, and each of them vying for your business, you're liable to come across some very good casino comps as you choose where to play.

Video Poker players are particularly lucky, as a good number of popular games are not eligible for these casino comps. Games like craps, roulette, or baccarat allow the player to place a bet both for and against themselves eliminating any risk, while also eliminating any chance of coming out ahead. The problem is, since most online casino comps are based around the player playing the value of the comp thru a number of times, these games let the player do that without risking any cash. The player can then 'play through' the comp without risk, then cash out the value of the comp, easy money. This makes the comp very nice for a player, but it removes the value for the casino. In fact it puts the casino at serious risk. Since they are sending out bonus offers to the world, making it available to everyone, a million people could all take $100 from them very quickly. Not even the biggest casinos in Vegas could take a hundred million dollar hit all in one big go.

Video poker doesn't let you play risk free (unless it's free video poker), so most casinos let you play your comps through. A great number of players fail to fully understand where the value of Video Poker casino comps really come from. In video poker especially, the value is derived from the bankroll boost, which lets us take on machines with greater volatility, or play our favorites for longer (both of which put us in a position to win more money, the golden goal of the gambler).

The types of comps available range in style, value, and perceived value. As we mentioned above some match your bankroll, though most have a clause that doesn't let you cash the bonus amount out. Meaning, if you deposit 100 bucks, you might be able to play with a $200 bankroll. If you happen to lose all $200, oh well, no harm no foul. But if you happen to win so that your bankroll is up to a nice $300 and you decide you want to cash out, you'll have to leave the bonus. This means that you'd be cashing out $200. Makes sense, but some people think this makes the bonus useless, which is very untrue. The increased bankroll is very handy, and besides, if we were to go all the way down to $10 bucks before we hit a big hand (all too likely in Video Poker) we wouldn't have had that chance if it weren't for the bonus!

To find casino comps like I just described, take a look around the home pages of these casinos. They're known to offer good sign up offers. Call them first and ensure you can use the bonus with Video Poker.,,

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